Golden Moons Suncatcher


Golden Moons Suncatcher is a hanging mobile made with black porcelain, solid brass and glass.

This simple ceiling mobile is composed of a matte black porcelain ring, six irregular solid brass discs and a glass prism sphere. The brass discs have satinated finish and glow in gorgeous gold color. When a direct ray touches the glass prism it creates multiple small rainbow spots in the room.
For the full effect of the piece it should be hung in a spot where it will get direct rays of sunshine some part of the day.
This kinetic mobile will arrive fully assembled but without a ceiling hook. The proper hook depends on personal preferences and the type of ceiling. Your local hardware store is the best place to get it.
The piece is attached to a 40cm long naylon cord for hanging, if you prefer a different length, please let me know.
~materials: unglazed porcelain, brass, glass, naylon cord.
~size: approx. 10 x 50cm (4in x 20in).
designed & handmade in Europe.

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