Autumn Landscape Kinetic Sculpture


Autumn Landscape is a hanging mobile sculpture made with black porcelain, silver and solid brass.

This ceiling mobile is composed of a matte black porcelain ring, a handformed silver branch and a couple of three-dimentional brass pieces. These elements are suspended on nylon cords in a delicate balance.
The piece will hang well both in a spot with some direct light as well as in a dimly lit area.

This kinetic sculpture will arrive fully assembled and with a simple brass ceiling hook for hanging.
The piece is quite light, but if you have any doubts about how to go about hanging it, the best place for an advise is your local hardware store.

The piece is attached to a 40cm long naylon cord for hanging, if you prefer a different length, please let me know.
~materials: unglazed porcelain, sterling silver, brass, naylon cord.
~dimensions: approx. 30x30cm (12in x 12in).
designed & handcrafted in Europe.

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