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Brass and Glass Kinetic Sculpture 010


Brass & Glass Kinetic Sculpture 010 is a hanging mobile made with solid brass- and handmade glass- pieces.

The glass and brass shapes are balanced on transparent cord creating this way a sculpture that swirls with a light movement of the air in the room.

The effect of this ceiling mobile depends on the light - it could look subtle and light or shiny in rich gold tones when direct beam of light touches it.

Hang it where it will have space to move freely and enjoy the view of this all-the-time-changing mobile sculpture.

The mobile will arrive fully assembled but without a ceiling hook. The proper hook depends on personal preferences and the type of ceiling. Your local hardware store is the best place to get it.

~materials: brass, antique glass, naylon cord.
~size: approx. 25 x 45cm (10''x 18").

designed & handmade in Europe.

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