Sky Full Of Stars Silver Earrings


Sky Full of Stars are dark blue earrings made with sterling silver, fine silver and glass resins.
Each earring is a circle frame of a night landscape - you can see plants, trees, the moon and a starry night.
Each landscape is unique, the pair consists of two different earrings.

The effect of the piece changes dramatically with the light. On dull light the earrings look more like simple dark blue circles, only to reveal the almost hidden world when they catch a direct ray of light.
Please, have a look at all the photos - the last one shows the earrings in indirect light.

~the circle are approx 1.5cm (0.6"), the earrings top to bottom - about 3cm (1.2").
~materials: sterling silver, fine silver, cold enamels.

designed and handmade in Europe.

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