Ginkgo Silver Earrings


Ginkgo are long silver earrings inspired by the beautiful ancient ginkgo tree.
There are two color options - amber yellow and emerald green.

Did you know that Ginkgo Biloba tree can live for a millenium or more?
This species, pretty much identical to the living ginkgo trees now, has co-existed with the dinosaurs in an ecosystem so different to ours. It is a highly adaptable plant that can be seen from the forests of China to the streets of New York.

The earrings were inspired by the Ginkgo's distinctive fan-shaped leaves.
The pair consists of two different leaves - one wider than the other. There is an intricate net created in each leaf which is colored with transparent cold enamels in either honey yellow to rich amber or deep emerald green color.
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The effect of the Ginkgo earrings is similar to a stained glass window - the appearance of the piece changes with the available light.

~approx. 4.5cm top to bottom (1.8").
~materials: sterling silver, fine silver, cold enamels.

designed and handmade in Europe.