Elongated Sunflower Earrings


Introducing my updated Sunflower Earrings, a new version of my classic design. These stunning Elongated Sunflower Earrings have an elegant long oval shape and are made with sterling silver, 18k gold, and cold transparent enamels.

In each elongated silver frame, with thin silver wire I created two pictures of sunflowers and a touch of sunshine. The pictures are then oxidized to a rich dark grey and then adorned with vibrant hues of yellow, amber, dark brown, and vivid red. Each earring boasts a unique sunflower image, creating an enchanting mismatched pair suspended from 18k gold ear-wires.
These earrings evoke the beauty of stained-glass art and truly come to life when illuminated by direct light, creating a captivating contrast against the dark grey silver.

Your Elongated Sunflower Earrings will arrive in a cotton pouch, ready to be gifted - whether to yourself or a loved one.

Dimensions: Approximately 7cm long and 1.3cm wide (2.75 x 0.5 inches).
Materials: Sterling silver, 18k gold, cold enamels.

Please allow up to 10 days for crafting, as each pair of Elongated Sunflowers is handmade to order.

Designed and lovingly handcrafted in Barcelona, Spain.

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