Silver Dragonfly Earrings


Dragonfly Earrings are circle earrings made with sterling silver, fine silver and transparent cold enamels.

Each earring is a tiny landscape enclosed in a circle frame.
The pair consists of two different views - in one of the earrings there is green grass and a touch of sunshine and in the other one - a purple dragonfly flying over the greenery.
The colors are bright and change intensity with the light.

At this moment the Dragonfly Earrings are available in both light green and dark green color (see the photos), please choose the option from the drop down menu.

~materials: sterling silver, fine silver, cold enamels.
~approx. 3.5 (1.4") top to bottom, the circles alone - 2cm (0.80") in diameter.

designed and handmade in Europe.

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